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Butterfly Sanctuaries of South Africa (BSSA)

Offices: Lot 1034 Fascadale Road, Ramsgate, KZN, 4285.

The Aim of 'Butterfly Sanctuaries of Southern Africa' (BSSA), is to establish new Butterfly Sanctuaries in every province throughout Southern Africa. Caring not only for the plight of rare and endangered butterfly species – but also creating holiday and tourist destinations for all to see and visit – experiencing something unforgettable. These Butterfly Sanctuaries will provide conference centers (for businesses and companies to utilize for their corporate needs) – Restaurants (to provide unique and affordable cuisine) - Wedding Venues (providing you with the opportunity to take your wedding vows amongst our butterflies as your butterfly confetti) – Craft Shops (to supply you with all your butterfly related items, toys and school projects, etc) – Indigenous Nurseries (providing you with many species of trees and flowers to enrich your own gardens and attracting butterflies and birds to them) – Guided Tours (for that educational experience for all visitors to enjoy, including witnessing the various stages of the butterfly’s life cycle) and Orchid Houses (for all to enjoy our beautiful orchids and their stunning flowers - a photographers dream).

All these wonderful projects being undertaken – provides you with the opportunity to become involved in working with your local Butterfly Sanctuaries, whether it is in the propagation of plants (nursery) – the breeding of butterflies (Butterfly Breeding Centers or Independent Butterfly Breeding Stations) – or simply donations – being either money, orchids, trees, flowers, a bag of cement, grass cuttings, leaves, branchlets for compost etc.

We are a project of Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa, a section 21 company with the registration number of 2005/035451/08, based in Ramsgate, KZN. www.sabutterflies.co.za

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